Scentwork & Tracking for Pet Dogs


Discover the incredible power of your dog's nose with our scentwork classes. Utilise your dog's sense of smell for sport, recreation, or behaviour modification with the help of our certified instructor. With experience within multiple organisations and associations, we can help you choose the perfect training path for you and your furry friend.

Getting Started

It’s really important to me that your dog enjoys their time at Hide and go Sniff, so we’re going to start off with some motivational searches. Let’s be clear, at this point we’re not going to be using any of the common ‘odours’ like Kong, clove, or gun oil, we’re going to be using something your dog knows, loves, and wants! It could be their absolute favourite toy, or it could be something tasty like chicken or cheese.
We’re going to use these searches to engage your dog’s nose, build their confidence, promote some independence, and show them just how much fun they can have.

Basic Training

Next, we’re going to introduce an odour and start teaching your dog an “indication”, this is a behaviour that allows him to show you that he has found what he was looking for, without biting, scratching, or retrieving it. This is where your dog will demonstrate (or develop), his impulse control. Once he’s got it, we’ll introduce his odour and indication to his searching.